Contest dates are April 14, 2014 – June 14, 2014

  1. These rules apply to KOAN all on air and website contests and promotions. Specific rules and promotions may have additional and/or substitute rules. If so, those rules may be picked up at the Alaska Integrated Media Inc. Office, 4700 Business Park Boulevard Building E Suite 44, Anchorage, during regular business hours, Monday through Friday, 8am – 5pm.

  2. Any individual may be awarded a maximum of one prize valued at less than $100 per 30 days from the radio station. No more than two winners per household per radio station in this prize value range per contest. Alaska Integrated Media Inc reserves the right to exclude any individual from winning any prize and reserves the right to ban individuals who do not follow the guidelines of the contest(s).

  3. If any individual is awarded a prize valued at $100 or more, that individual and all members of the individual’s household are disqualified from being awarded subsequent prizes valued at $100 or more from that same radio station during the next 30 days.

  4. Each contest will specify an appropriate qualify to win age. All prizes must be picked up at the Alaska Integrated Media Office, 4700 Business Park Boulevard Building E Suite 44, Anchorage. Prizes must be picked up within 30 working days by the person who was awarded the prize. ALL WINNERS MUST PROVIDE A PICUTRE I.D. AND CURRENT MAILING ADDRESS. IF THE PRIZE IS OVER $200, SOCIAL SECURITY CARD IS NECESSARY TO CLAIM THE PRIZE. Winners will be solely responsible for any and all taxes incurred- local, state, and federal- when accepting a prize.

  5. All participating sponsors of the specific contest or promotion and their advertising agencies, and current or former employees of this or other radio and TV stations and members of their immediate families or household are not eligible to win. All winners must grant Alaska Integrated Media, KOAN and Odds On Promotions exclusive permission to use their name, photographs, voice and likeness and waive any claim to royalty, further compensation, rights or remuneration for such use.

  6. Stations are not responsible for issues regarding telephones and cellular phones, including hang-ups and disconnection during the course of conducting on-air contests as well as Internet outages and other circumstances out of the stations control that would limit the ability to win.

  7. Alaska Integrated Media reserves the right to modify or replace these rules at any time without notice. Verification that these rules are currently in force is the sole responsibility of the individual listener. Verification may be accomplished by calling the Alaska Integrated Media office at 522-1018.

  8. There shall be no liability to Alaska Integrated Media, or its employees, for any prize entry, decision, or damages that may result from the winning or use of the prize, or which is deemed irregular in any manner. Decisions of the representatives of Alaska Integrated Media, as designed by Alaska Integrated Media, are final regarding all contest issues.

  9. How to win: Listen to KOAN weekdays around 4:15pm for the Newsmaker of the Day Contest. We will announce the “Newsmaker of the Day” Cue To Call around 5:45pm, the first caller with the correct answer for that day is the winner, the designated caller will win a copy of the Alaskan Travel Guide, A digital subscription to the Anchorage Daily News and ten (10) Easy Money Scratch Cards. (While Supplies Last) Not Responsible for lost calls, bad connections, or hang-ups. In the event that the caller is cut off before giving their information it is the right of KOAN to choose another winner from the next correct call. Contest will allow 5 minutes before and after posted contest times for contest start and the cue to call due to the reality of live radio exact times are not always possible.

  10. Cards that are manipulated, altered, forged, hand printed, water damaged, mutilated, tampered with in any way, or which contain any computer programming, printing, mechanical or typographical errors, will be considered void and will not be eligible for prize redemption. Only scratch cards labeled “Easy Money” containing unique and valid serial numbers from Box #68, Book #’s 1676-1700 produced by Odds On Promotions authorized printing company will be eligible for prize compensation. In order to be eligible for prize compensation the contestant may scratch off SIX (6) and only SIX (6) surfaces revealing identical “Stacks of Cash” symbols under each and every scratched surface. The prize level is determined by the # of dollar signs revealed under the prize level surface.

  11. Current or former employees, family members, agents, successors, or assignees of Alaska Integrated Media or any promotional agency involved with this promotion shall be ineligible to participate and/or claim any prize covered within.

Prize Level

Prize Amount

Matches Required

Prize Level Determination

Max Aggregate Prize Limit


$100,000 Cash

Six (6)

$$$$ (Four Dollar Signs)

One (1) Winner ($100,000)


$50,000 Cash

Six (6)

$$$ (Three Dollar Signs)

Two (2) Winners ($100,000)


$25,000 Cash

Six (6)

$$ (Two Dollar Signs)

Four (4) Winners ($100,000)


$5000 Cash

Six (6)

$ (One Dollar Sign)

Eight (8) Winners ($40,000)