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The election may be behind us, but now it’s time to vote for something that really matters.

Hot Talk KOAN is looking for our next big mouth. Starting next Wednesday, you’ll have a chance to show us your stuff as KOAN holds tryouts for the 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. co-host position for our new show, The Last Word.

The Last Word will be an open discussion about today’s hottest topics--politics, culture, who did what to whom. Nothing is off limits. If it matters and if it affects your life, we'll be talking about it.

The only thing missing is you!

Have you always wanted a chance to tell others what you think? When you go to a party, are you the one who carries the conversation? Do you have what it takes to cc-host a show with Shannyn Moore and keep the left in check? Then you’re just who we're looking for!

Call us at 522-1018. Let us know that you want to try out. Each day beginning Wednesday, we’ll feature a different co-host. It’s your chance to go toe-toe with Shannyn.

And for the listeners, this is your chance to be the KOAN program director, because the audience will have the final say on who stays! It’s like American Idol meets Americas Got Talent.

Listen, vote, tryout. Just, whatever you do, don't miss it! It all starts Wednesday, April 16.

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Join in the conversation by calling 569-1080.

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